You have tax problems, and it is your responsibility to solve them. But you need help, and you can't do it all by yourself. You need a trusted partner to assist you to manage and negotiate with tax authorities on your behalf. Spending your days and nights worrying about your tax debts takes away valuable time away from your family, your career, and the your ability to focus on new opportunities.

Congratulations on understanding and accepting this very important concept. If you agree please move on to the next paragraph to review some of the options we have available depending on your situation. If you still are not convinced. Please read some of our valued testimonials over to the right of the page.

Services Provided

  • Payment Plan

    Once you retain our services we will formally request to put a hold on all collection activity. We then will analyze your personal income and cash flow to design a payment plan that your will be comfortable with. We will also negotiate with the tax authorities to reduce penalties and also work with them to remove the likelihood of them seizing your properties and assets.

Services Provided

  • Offer in Compromise

    It is possible for you to lower your tax debt to an amount much lower than what you owe. If your net assets, and your overall income level is relatively small to the total amount of your debt, you will likely qualify for an OFFER IN COMPROMISE. The IRS will do what they can to work something out with you. They gain nothing from having to continue to send letters, filing liens and letting time continue to pass by. They are in a situation no different than you, so let us help you take advantage of it.

  • Penalty Abatement

    There are various scenarios where you may qualify for the removal of substantially all of your penalties. In many cases, taxpayers are victimized by specific situations such as theft, natural disasters, a death in the family, and divorce. In addition, if you were given incorrect information by your attorney, CPA, or even the IRS themselves, you may also qualify for penalty abatement.

    The key to the process is establishing that what had occurred was a one time event, and that it was enough to create a temporary hardship on you and your family. Also, we will work to make sure that the taxing authority understands clearly that your intention is to resolve your tax liability and work with them in good faith to re-establish your good standing.

  • Bank Account Levy

    There are instances where the IRS will contact your banking institution and request that the balance be used to satisfy your tax liability. If you can show that those monies were to be used towards your employees payroll, current payroll taxes, and to pay other bills that allow you to stay in business, we can possibly obtain a release of the levy. Mainly, we want the money to be returned to you, and simultaneously establish a payment plan that will work within your businesses cash flow requirements


Dear Mr. Zafar,

For years we ignored the liens and levies that were placed on our bank accounts. We stopped filing our tax returns and we simply just hoped they would go away. However, as you know this past year our daughter was applying towards receiving financial assistance for college.

We realized at the worst time that our tax problems could keep our daughter from completing her education. We can't thank you enough for immediately addressing the liens, and setting up a worked out a payment plan with the IRS!!! We now have been paying our taxes currently and we are for the first time up to date on our tax liabilities. 

Pat Gladieux, client

Dear Mr. Francuz,

Thanks for handling this "situation" for us. We relied on the wrong people to handle our payroll taxes, and they got us into a lot of trouble. We found out the hard way that it was OUR responsibility no one else's. Thanks again for working out the payment plan for us.

Thanks again,

Jim Thomas, Hurricane Plumbing


Dear Syed,

I wanted you to know that I have not had a full and complete night of sleep for almost five years. I really feel I can now focus on putting my life back together after all that I have gone through the last few years. I still have things I need to take care of, but at least the IRS is not one of them.

Thanks for being there for me.. 

Salvador Caballero, Agape Real Estate