Audit & Assurance Services

Our professionals maintain professional audit standards and quality by identifying issues with clients and spending the time to clearly understand their systems and operations. As part of our audit procedure we first obtain a full understanding of our client's operations and business. We assess risk by planning the audit in a manner that will save the client from unnecessary procedures that add little to no value to the engagement. Planning our engagements properly also allows us to provide final audit reports on time and under budget.

We also communicate all issues immediately to the client and their staff in order to keep in open line of communication. This allows us to identify and resolve issues during the engagement quickly and efficiently, and our final audit report will assess the overall health of the company and give reasonable assurance that the financial statements are free from material misstatements.

We specialize in audits for condominiums associations, construction companies requiring bonding for large projects, non-profits, and other audits for real estate, manufacturing, and segment operations.

We also perform agreed upon procedures as requested by the client prior to the acquisition of existing businesses. These procedures may require us to verify accounts receivable, inventory, and sales figures prior to final purchase. Our goal is to make sure our client has all the information necessary to make an informed decisions.

Audit timing and planning

We work with our clients to properly plan the audit which enables us to:

  • 1) identify audit risks
  • 2) perform interim audit work (prior to year end), and
  • 3) complete time sensitive audit tasks that will allow us to complete the audit well ahead of schedule.

We understand that undergoing an audit can be difficult for any company, and we understand that you cannot just simply shut down operations and focus all your company's resources towards completing an audit engagement. However, we strive to plan and organize the audit so that it does not interfere with your regular day to day functions, and will allow you to continue to do business.