accounting services

Phase 1

After spending a significant amount of time first listening to our clients we then work to identify how we can resolve their primary issues. Most of the time these issues are resolved by minor adjustments of processes within the client's accounting system.

Phase 2

We then work with the client to identify weaknesses in their accounting system and procedures that cause higher labor costs. Inefficiencies slow down the rate at which information is relayed to management, and affects its ability to make sound decisions in a timely manner.

Phase 3

We ultimately want our clients to operate in an environment where their key financial information is available at the "press of the button". Our policy is that our clients must at all times have the ability to

  • 1) know how much money they have in the bank.
  • 2) know how much they owe to vendors.
  • 3) know home much everyone owes them. As simplistic as this may sound, you may surprised to know that most start-up businesses fail because they have not perfected these very manageable tasks.

Phase 4

Upon completing the first three phases the client is now ready to concentrate on the opportunities ahead instead of spending valuable time on non income producing activities. Our goal is to help our clients focus 100% of their efforts towards growth initiatives, with valuable time spent on acquisitions, financing, employee training, and marketing.